Finance & Charitable Governance

FaithStar can help you with:

  • Reconstructing incomplete accounts

  • Setting up recording systems

  • Providing an Interim treasurer

  • Managing the changeover to Accruals accounts

  • Independent examination 

  • Charity Commission

  • Registering you as a charity 

What we do:

Trustees' annual reports - assisting with preparation, advice on content, checking statutory and SORP compliance, advice on demonstrating public benefit reporting.

Completion and filing of required annual returns with the Charities Commission and Companies House.

Fully compliant statutory financial statements for charities in accordance with the Charities SORP.

Simple Receipts and Payments accounts.

Full Accruals accounts for larger charities and charitable companies.

Based on hourly rate subject to length of time and complexity of accounts – Quote will be prior to the commencement of any work but may be subject to change if the work requires further time. 

Independent examination is where a client will provide their annual accounts and the finance team will examine and scrutinise a set of annual accounts. 

We also offer Gift Aid advice and tax reclaims. 

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