About Us

FaithStar is a social enterprise. We specialise in faith-based management, to enable places of worship, charities, and other faith organisations to adhere to the regulatory requirements of the civic, financial, ecclesiastical, and religious law they are all governed by. We also provide accountancy as well as administerial, organisational, meetings and events management. Since its inception, FaithStar has strived to build bridges between communities, religious or not, throughout the hugely diverse city of Sheffield. Increasing understanding and cooperation whilst challenging prejudice and misconception, bringing seemingly contrasting cultures together towards a common goal and purpose. We have been able to achieve this through collaboration with our unique way of relationship building and network of community contacts, with which we share a positive and mutually respectful relationship with. The intersectional nature of Faith and Race means that we have able to forge close relationships with BAME organisations across Sheffield, as well as LGBT organisations and women’s groups.

Our passion is people, our vision is to empower communities and our mission is to serve and support.