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We are passionate about supporting places of worship and faithbased organisation to be effectively run organisations. To have the tools needed to be examples of best practice and fit for the future.

In some communities the local place of worship can be the linchpin for not only worship, but services to the community from supporting the most vulnerable to the arts, safe spaces, places for people to meet and socialise.


Many places of worship and faithbased organisation are facing unprecedented changes and are having to find themselves adapting to the future. We are here to help to address some of those needs:

  • Aging demographic of volunteer base
  • Growth in independent places of worship
  • Demand for support and service currently being provided by places of worship
  • Regulatory changes since changes to the Charities Act 2011
  • Media and technology platforms
  • Demographic changes in communities


  • Administration Services
  • Charitable Administration Outsourcing
  • Database Management
  • Meeting Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Event Management
  • Minute Taking
  • Interfaith Support and Development
  • Advise on Charity Commission and other governing bodies
  • Independent Examinations for Charities and Churches
  • Receipts and payments accounts
  • Accruals accounts - Based on full organisation accounts prepared under the Charities Act (2011)
  • Stand in Treasurer Service
  • Attend meetings and present accounts at the Annual General Meeting
  • Advise on organisations reserves, and policies
  • Advise on Organisations fundraising strategy
  • Gift Aid
  • Financial Governance on Gift Aid schemes
  • Filing on Self-assessment forms
  • Organisational Annual Reporting and Accounting
  • Trustees' annual reports - assisting with preparation, advice on content, checking statutory and SORP compliance, advice on demonstrating public benefit reporting
  • Receipts and Payments accounting
  • Accruals accounting for larger organisations
  • Book keeping service


By developing some of the following:

  • Well managed and legally complaint places of worships and faith based organisations
  • Financially robust
  • Support to achieving the mission and ministry of each faith
  • Interfaith and intrafaith development
  • Strategic management and resources
  • Highlighting services delivered by faith-based organisations

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